Teesmouth and Cleveland Coast SPA, Ramsar Site and SSSI

Closed 30 Nov 2018

Opened 31 Jul 2018


Natural England has reviewed the suite of nature conservation designations in the Teesmouth and Cleveland Coast area, including seven Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the Teesmouth and Cleveland Coast Special Protection Area (SPA) and Ramsar Site.

We have now notified an enlarged SSSI that includes the majority of the area of the seven previous SSSIs, linking and combining them with substantial extensions. Part of one SSSI (Seal Sands) is not considered to be of special interest and is therefore proposed for de-notification.

Natural England has also recommended to Government that the existing SPA and Ramsar Site be revised to include extensions and additional qualifying interests. Ministers have asked us to consult formally on these proposals.

Accordingly, Natural England is seeking views on:

  • notification of the enlarged Teesmouth and Cleveland Coast SSSI;
  • proposed de-notification of part of Seal Sands SSSI;
  • proposal to extend Teesmouth and Cleveland Coast Special Protection Area (SPA); and
  • proposal to extend Teesmouth and Cleveland Coast Ramsar Site.

This consultation runs in accordance with Government Consultation Principles.

What Happens Next

SPA consultation results will be submitted as a report to the Secretary of State for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs. Following consideration of that report, the Secretary of State will decide whether or not to classify the site as a SPA.

SSSI consultation responses will be assessed and a recommendation will be made to the Board of Natural England in due course.  Natural England has to make a decision to either confirm or withdraw this notification by  30th April 2019 or the notification will cease to exist.  


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