Consultation on PMMR enforcement approach

Closed 9 Aug 2021

Opened 12 Jul 2021


1.1. Poultrymeat marketing standards in the UK are established by Regulation (EC) Number 543/2008 and enforced in:


    • England by the Poultrymeat (England) Regulations 2011
    • Wales by the Poultrymeat (Wales) Regulations 2011
    • Scotland by the Poultrymeat (Scotland) Regulations 2011)


In this consultation we refer to these together as the Poultrymeat Marketing Regulations, or PMMR.

1.2. Regulation 543/2008 was retained in domestic law after the Transition Period (which ended on 31 December 2020) and remains in force as amended by the Common Organisation of the Markets in Agricultural Products and Common Agricultural Policy (Miscellaneous Amendments etc.) (EU Exit) (Number 2) Regulations 2019 and the Common Organisation of the Markets in Agricultural Products (Miscellaneous Amendments) (EU Exit) (Number 2) Regulations 2020.

Why your views matter

2.1. Defra, the Welsh Government, and the Scottish Government are looking to make legislative amendments to update the approach to the enforcement of PMMR across parts of the supply chain

2.2 PMMR is a devolved matter. Each of the 3 devolved administrations is leading on the amendments to these legislations for its own authority.

2.2.1 The three devolved administrations are engaging with each other about alignment of proposed amendments. PMMR requirements in Northern Ireland (NI) will not be amended as they currently align with the EU, as required under the Northern Ireland Protocol.

2.2.2 We will work with NI to make sure our positions have optimal alignment and that Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland) and Northern Ireland poultry meat movements continue with minimal impact.

2.3. The purpose of this consultation is to seek the views of industry on our proposed amendments to Regulation (EC) 543/2008, Poultrymeat (England) Regulations 2011, Poultrymeat (Wales) Regulations 2011 and Poultrymeat (Scotland) Regulations 2011.

2.4. Together these amendments include provisions designed to make the PMMR regulations clear and remove any ambiguity of how they should be implemented, as well as making the legislation more operable.

2.4.1 In doing so, we are looking to ensure that poultry meat marketing standards are being upheld throughout the supply chain without causing undue burden to businesses.

2.5. It is our priority to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of industry’s views of these proposals.

2.6. Responses to this consultation will be considered as Defra, the Welsh Government and the Scottish Government progress amendments to the existing domestic regulations.



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