Crime Rigg Quarry

Closes 18 Feb 2020

Opened 18 Oct 2019


Crime Rigg Quarry is located in Durham and is notified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) 18 October 2019.


Crime Rigg Quarry is a nationally important site by reason of its geological features, namely its outstanding importance for interpreting the geological history of the Permian Period in Britain.


We recommend you read more about the changes to the Crime Rigg Quarry SSSI which are described (with maps) in the notification document in the related documents section.


You can submit your views via an online survey, by email or post.

Why We Are Consulting

The previously notified Crime Rigg and Sherburn Hill Quarries SSSI (notified in December 1990) is now renamed Crime Rigg Quarry SSSI.

We are now seeking views on changes to the notification of Crime Rigg Quarry SSSI under the following Sections of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981:

  • notification is varied under Section 28A


  • notification of additional land under Section 28B


  • proposed de-notification of part of Crime Rigg Quarry SSSI under Section 28D


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