Consultation on developing a National Policy Statement for Water Resources and proposals to amend the definition of nationally significant water infrastructure in the Planning Act 2008

Closes 22 Dec 2017

Consultation Contents

This online survey allows you to provide responses to the questions set out in our consultation document and scoping reports. You will need to refer to these documents to answer the questions and they are available to download from the front page of this consultation. The question numbers here are the same as the ones in the consultation document.

We have grouped the questions under the three topic areas from the consultation document for ease. You do not need to respond to every question but please ensure you have answered all those you can before submitting your final response.

We are also asking for additional evidence on some questions. Let us know how to reference the evidence, for example by providing a website link, or you can contact the team directly via email to provide additional evidence. Please quote the question number in the email.

Please contact the team if you have any questions about how to use this survey.

(Note - Correction made to consultation document 22/11/2017 at 18.00 - Paragraph 28 amended to include most recent Office of National Statistics population growth forecasts for England)

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Part 1: Development of the National Policy Statement
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Part 2: Approach to the development of the National Policy Statement.
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Part 2 cont ... Appraisal of Sustainability and Habitats Regulations Assessment
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Part 3: Review of nationally significant infrastructure projects definitions
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Consultee Feedback on the Online Survey
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