PBT Staycation game

Closed 14 Dec 2021

Opened 10 Dec 2021


We are planning a get to know you session for the virtual stay day and need some information from your prior to session . The activity is on a similar vein to 2 truths and 1 lie but instead of lies we will be working as a team to try and match each statement up with the team member. Feel free to add a bit of spice and attempt to throw people off track if they are guessing you for your statement.


In preparation we are asking each team member to submit 2 statements. To maintain anonymity please submit your statements here: (Sarah to insert link here)


Some examples of statements to give you a feel:

  • I always have basil pesto in the fridge
  • I danced on stage with Kate Nash,
  • I used to be a post person .



We would appreciate if you could submit your statements by midday on Tuesday 14th to give us time to prepare.



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