Consultation on proposed registration requirements for all bird keepers in Great Britain

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Closes 31 May 2023


We are seeking your views on our plans to make it compulsory for all poultry and other captive bird keepers to register their bird(s) with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

It is currently mandatory for a person who is a keeper of 50 or more poultry at any single premises to register their birds on the Great Britain Poultry Register by providing specified information on the birds. The information on the register enables the government to communicate with poultry keepers quickly, to manage any potential disease outbreak and carry out outbreak-related activities effectively.


Definitions: Poultry , Other captive birds and keeper

Poultry” means all birds that are reared or kept in captivity for the production of meat or eggs for consumption, the production of other commercial products, for restocking supplies of game or for the purposes of any breeding programme for the production of these categories of birds.

Other captive birds” in England and Wales means any bird kept in captivity which is not poultry and includes a pet bird and any bird kept for shows, races, exhibitions, competitions, breeding or for sale; or In Scotland “other captive bird” means any bird, other than poultry, kept in captivity including any bird kept for shows, races, exhibitions and competitions (such as ornamental birds and racing pigeons).

Keeper” means the person with day-to-day responsibility for poultry or other captive birds at any premises.