Wildlife Licence Charges

Closes 5 Feb 2018

Consultees and how we will use your information


We welcome responses from all groups that have an interest in the wildlife licensing service. This includes representatives of:

  • environmental consultants;
  • environmental NGOs;
  • developers;
  • utility companies;
  • the drainage/flood risk management sector;
  • the farming industry;
  • the transport industry;
  • local government;
  • researchers;
  • managers of historic buildings; and
  • other groups whose activities can impact on protected species.

All recipients of our Wildlife Licensing newsletter have been invited to respond. The consultation is not restricted to those we have contacted directly and we value hearing from anyone interested in this subject.

If you are a licence holder you should remind yourself of the licence name and number, the legal purposes under which you applied and the activity that the licence covers. You will then be better able to understand what the proposal may mean for you by referring to the tables under each section. You can also refer to the more detailed information provided in the attached document "Appendix to Wildlife Licence consultation - all proposed fees & exemptions".

The consultation aims to give all parties the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes and to make us aware of particular circumstances that may need further consideration. We will consider all information before working with Defra to introduce any charges.

Responding to this consultation

Important dates

This consultation will be open for eight weeks and will run from 11/12/2017 until 5/02/2018.

How to respond

You can view the consultation documents and questions on this Citizen Space webpage, our online tool for consultations.

You can submit your responses using this online tool to record your comments. The online tool will help us to gather and summarise responses quickly and accurately and keeps consultation costs to a minimum.

If you prefer to submit your response by email or letter, or if you would like a printed version of the document to be sent to you, please contact our Enquiries Office on 0300 060 3900, Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5pm, or email enquiries@naturalengland.org.uk .

If you would like to send your response by post, please send your completed response form by 5/02/2018 to:

Consultation Officer, Statutory Protected Species Licence Charges, Natural England, Ceres House, Searby Road, Lincoln, LN2 4DT

How we will use your information

We will use your comments to help shape the charging proposal.

Throughout the consultation we will look to make all comments (excluding personal information) publicly available on our website. This includes comments received online, by email and post, unless you have specifically requested that we keep your response confidential. We will not publish names of individuals who respond but we will publish the name of the organisation for those responses made on behalf of organisations.

If you respond online and provide an email address, your response will be automatically acknowledged. After the consultation has closed we will publish a summary of the responses on the gov.uk website and contact you to let you know when this is available. We will not normally reply individually to responses.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we may be required to publish your response to this consultation, but will not include any personal information. If you have requested your response be kept confidential, you must tell us why.

Consultation principles

We are running this consultation in accordance with the guidance set out in the government's Consultation Principles.

If you have any queries or comments about the way this consultation has been carried out, please contact:

Consultation Officer, Statutory Wildlife Licence Charges, Natural England, Ceres House, Searby Road, Lincoln, LN2 4DT



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