Net gain

Closes 10 Feb 2019

Delivering net gain in the planning system

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34. What further measures will help to prevent burdens on local authorities increasing?

35. How could the proposals be refined to manage any negative impacts on the scale and delivery of other developer contributions (e.g. through Section 106 or Community Infrastructure Levy payments)?

36. Would you, as a planning authority stakeholder, prefer any net gain tariff revenue to be paid through:

37. How could the proposed net gain process be improved for developers?

38. What other steps, considerations or processes in environmental planning should be integrated within a net gain approach?

39. Would any particular types of development (e.g. commercial, industrial, public sector, local infrastructure) be disproportionately affected by a mandatory biodiversity net gain requirement?

40. Do you agree that the proposal for staggered transitional arrangements would help to ensure smooth implementation of biodiversity net gain policy?

41. Would the existing dispute resolution process provide the best way to overcome any disagreement over whether net gain is achieved?

42. Would an additional arbitration or approval process be necessary? If so, please specify why.