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Closes 10 Feb 2019

Measuring biodiversity

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Defra Biodiversity Metric - Introduction to the Proposed Updated Metric

Natural England is updating the Defra biodiversity metric. More information on this update can be found on Natural England's website here: Defra Biodiversity Metric - Introduction to the Proposed Updated Metric

10. Is the Defra biodiversity metric an appropriate practical tool for measuring changes to biodiversity as a result of development?

11. What improvements, if any, could we most usefully make to the Defra metric?

12. Would a mandatory 10% increase in biodiversity units be the right level of gain to be required?

13. In clearly defined circumstances, should developers be allowed to pay through the tariff mechanism without fully exhausting on-site and local compensation opportunities?

14. Would this be an appropriate approach to directing the location of new habitat?

15. How could biodiversity assessments be made more robust without adding to burdens for developers or planning authorities?

16. Should a baseline map of broad habitats be developed?

17. Should this be applied, as a minimum baseline, to:

18. What other measures might reduce the risk of incentivising intentional habitat degradation?

19. How can the risks of penalising landowners making legitimate land use change decisions before deciding to sell their land for development be mitigated?