Net gain

Closes 10 Feb 2019


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1. Should biodiversity net gain be mandated for all housing, commercial and other development within the scope of the Town and County Planning Act?


2. What other actions could government take to support the delivery of biodiversity net gain?

3. Should there be any specific exemptions to the mandatory biodiversity net gain requirement (planning policies on net gain would still apply) for the following types of development? And why?


4. Are there any other sites that should be granted exemptions, and why? For example, commercial and industrial sites.

5. As an alternative to an exemption, should any sites instead be subject to a simplified biodiversity assessment process?

6. Do you agree that the Defra metric should allow for adjustments to reflect important local features such as local sites? Should the Defra metric consider local designations in a different way?

7. Should local authorities be required to adopt a robust district level licensing approach for great crested newts, where relevant, by 2020?

8. For what species is it plausible to use district level or strategic approaches to improve conservation outcomes and streamline planning processes? Please provide evidence.

9. Are there wider elements of environmental net gain that could be better incentivised? If so, please specify which, and any benefits that such incentives could provide.