Consultation on Designation of National Highways as a "Relevant Public Authority"

Closed 6 Jun 2022

Opened 28 Mar 2022


This consultation is being carried out to seek your views on the proposal to designate National Highways as a relevant public authority. It also seeks your views on our assessment of costs and burdens and our proposed statutory guidance setting out how local authorities and National Highways should work together within the Local Air Quality Management Framework in England.  

Why your views matter

Poor air quality is the greatest environmental risk to public health in the UK. It is known to worsen pre-existing health conditions, such as respiratory and cardio-vascular illnesses, especially for the elderly and infants. We particularly want to hear from local authorities and other interested parties on our proposal to bring National Highways into the statutory Local Air Quality Management Framework.

What happens next

Once we have received your views we will consider these carefully before deciding on whether to proceed with the proposed designation and whether any changes need to be made to the guidance. We will publish a response..


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