Consultation on improved reporting of food waste by large food businesses in England

Closes 5 Sep 2022

Opened 13 Jun 2022


Seeking views on different options to improve food waste reporting by large food businesses in England.

Why your views matter

We want to know what you think about different options being considered to improve food waste reporting. We will be seeking views on the following:

  • Options to improve food waste reporting
  • Types of businesses in scope
  • Material in scope to be reported
  • The reporting process which businesses in scope may need to follow
  • Costs and impacts
  • Enforcement of any regulations

Give us your views


  • Environmental campaigners
  • Food Industry
  • Waste Management Companies
  • Retail Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Member of the General Public
  • SME businesses


  • Climate change
  • Sustainable development
  • Waste and recycling
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Retailers
  • Meat Industry