Consultation on the Principles of Marine Net Gain

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Closes 30 Aug 2022




Marine Net Gain

Consultation on the Principles of Marine Net Gain

Date Open: 07/06/2022
Date Closed: 30/08/2022

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Confidentiality and data protection 

At the end of this consultation, when you submit your response, you will be asked whether you would like to keep your reponse confidential.  

A summary of responses to this consultation will be published on the UK government website at: An annex to the consultation summary will list all organisations that responded but will not include personal names, addresses or other contact details.

Defra may publish the content of your response to this consultation to make it available to the public without your personal name and private contact details (for example your home address and email address).

If you click on ‘Yes’ in response to the question asking if you would like anything in your response to be kept confidential, you are asked to state clearly what information you would like to be kept as confidential and explain your reasons for confidentiality.

The reason for this is that information in responses to this consultation may be subject to release to the public or other parties in accordance with the access to information law (these are primarily the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIRs), the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA)).

We have obligations, mainly under the EIRs, FOIA and DPA, to disclose information to particular recipients or to the public in certain circumstances. In view of this, your explanation of your reasons for requesting confidentiality for all or part of your response would help us balance these obligations for disclosure against any obligation of confidentiality.

If we receive a request for the information that you have provided in your response to this consultation, we will take full account of your reasons for requesting confidentiality of your response, but we cannot guarantee that confidentiality can be maintained in all circumstances.

If you click on ‘No’ in response to the question asking if you would like anything in your response to be kept confidential, we will be able to release the content of your response to the public, but we won’t make your personal name and private contact details publicly available.

There may be occasions when Defra will share the information you provide in response to the consultation, including any personal data with external analysts. This is for the purposes of consultation response analysis and provision of a report of the summary of responses only.

This consultation is being conducted in line with the Cabinet Office's Consultation Principles.

Please find our latest privacy notice uploaded as a related document alongside our consultation document.

If you have any comments or complaints about the consultation process, please address them to:

How to respond

This is your opportunity to feed into the development of marine net gain policy and provide any additional evidence that might help improve the overall effectiveness and operability of the policy. Responses should be submitted online where possible using Citizen Space(our online consultation website) but can also be submitted by email or by  post.

If you have additional information that you would like to submit as part of your consultation response:

Consultation on the principles of marine net gain

Consultation Coordinator, Defra

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