UK Overseas Territories Biodiversity Strategy

Closes 24 Mar 2023


We are seeking feedback on the current strategy, and views on the development of a new strategy which can achieve greater impact in protecting and restoring the biodiversity of the UK OTs.   

We want to hear if and how stakeholders have used the current UK OT biodiversity strategy, how it has been useful, what have been its limitations, and what should be contained in a new strategy to help make a sustained impact to biodiversity and a reversal of species decline in the OTs. We are interested in hearing from individuals, researchers, NGOs and businesses residing in or with interest in biodiversity conservation in the UK OTs. 

The objectives of this call for evidence are: 

  1. To provide an opportunity for all interested stakeholders to submit their views relating to a new OT biodiversity strategy  

  1. To understand the opportunities and limitations relating to HMG’s current OT biodiversity strategy, and relatedly, how we can make a new strategy as useful and effective as possible.