A ban on electronic training collars for cats and dogs in England

Closed 27 Apr 2018

Opened 12 Mar 2018


We are seeking views on banning electronic training collars (e-collars). These corrective behaviour devices allow electronic or static pulses and other signals to be given to pets by their owners.



Why We Are Consulting

We are proposing a ban on two types of e-collars for cats and dogs.  The ban will apply to hand held remote-controlled devices and containment systems.

Remote-controlled devices can be operated by the owner/handler to stop unwanted behaviour by triggering an electronic pulse or other deterrent.

Containment systems can be used to keep a cat or dog within a certain area.  When the animal approaches the boundary it will trigger a pulse or other deterrent.

For more information about the e-collars we plan to ban, please read the consultation document.

Territorial scope

This ban will apply in England only.  The Scottish Government have announced plans to issue statutory guidance on the use of these e-collars.  In Wales, the use of such e-collars was banned in 2010.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Animals