Consultation on code appeals for the water supply and sewerage licensing regime

Closed 13 Dec 2016

Opened 15 Nov 2016


The Water Act 2014 introduced reforms to the competition regimes in the water sector. These include changes that will allow all businesses, charities and public bodes to choose alternative water suppliers from April 2017. This is known as the water supply and sewerage licensing regime (the WSSL).

These reforms include the introduction of statutory codes by Ofwat that will regulate the agreements between incumbent water companies and WSSL licensees.

The consultation is seeking views on the appeal mechanism that will enable water companies and WSSL licensees to challenge Ofwat's decisions to revise the codes that will regulate the WSSL market.  



What Happens Next

Once the consultation has concluded, and we have taken account of any comments, we wil publish a summary of responses. In January 2017 the draft regulations will be laid before both Houses of Parliament for debate under the affirmative procedure. Subject to both Houses approving the draft regulations, they will be made and come into force for retail market opening from April 2017.


  • Water/water Industry sector


  • Water Act