Questionnaire: Animals & Animal Products Reg (2015, SI No. 787)

Closed 5 Jul 2023

Opened 6 Jun 2023


The Animals and Animal Products Reg of 2015 (AAPR) is due a Post Implementation Review (PIR). This stage of the legislative lifecycle is mandatory after a set amount of time and provides an opportunity to review whether the legislation has met and continues to meet it's intended objectives, with opinions being sought from users and stakeholders.

The AAPR is a legislative tool which enables the sampling of products of animal origin (POAO) to test for residues of prohibited substances, veterinary medicines and contaminants. This programme of work provides important assurances to domestic consumers about the quality and safety of food, and also faciliates the export of GB produce. To achieve these aims, the Regulation:

  • Specifies prohibitions on the administration of substances, aswell as the sale and slaughter of animals (Regulations 3-12)
  • Outlines the powers Official Veterinarians (OVs) have in collecting samples and conducting investigations (Regulations 13-22)
  • Provides details on penalties, offences and enforcement relating to residues violations (Regulation 23)
  • Outlines possible exceptions to the above, aswell as the responsibilities of producers (Regulations 24-31)

Why your views matter

As users and stakeholders of the Regulation, we welcome your views on whether the AAPR continues to achieve the above intended objectives. We will use the information received to either maintain, update and/or improve the legislation as part of future legislative review.

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