Reform of FRC Statutory Governance Structure

Closed 23 Dec 2013

Opened 12 Nov 2013


 Reform of the governance, structure and operation of the Farriers Registration Council, the statutory regulator for the farriery profession


This consultation presents our evidence to date on the importance of the Farriers (Registration) Act 1975 (FRA) and the need to remedy a number of deficiencies within it. It also outlines selected options to assist Farriers Registration Council (FRC), in its role as the statutory regulator of the farriery profession, to overcome some practical difficulties, reduce risk of legal challenge and to modernize in line with other regulated professions and the principles of Better regulation.

The FRA extent is to Great Britain; therefore this consultation is being issued jointly by Defra and the Scottish and Welsh Governments.

There are three policy objectives under consideration:

  • The constitution of the Council;
  • The constitution of the statutory committees which deal with disciplinary matters; and
  • The level to which matters are prescribed in primary legislation.

The deadline for responses is 23 December 2013.

Why your views matter

Defra is interested in receiving responses to the questions set out within the consultation document. This is to help us to understand your views of the FRC’s current performance as well as the scope and benefits of any potential changes to its existing governance, structures and practices. Your views will contribute to a robust evidence base and will be scrutinized carefully and rigorously so that it can assist Government to form its final views and proposals for amending the FRA.


  • Charities/Voluntary Organisations
  • Animal welfare campaigners
  • Vets
  • Government Departments
  • Horse riders


  • Animals
  • Animal welfare
  • Horses