Survey for the UK Best Available Techniques (UK BAT) in the Slaughterhouses and Animal Byproducts Sector

Closed 10 Jul 2024

Opened 15 May 2024


This survey seeks your feedback on the environmental impacts of the Slaughterhouses and Animal Byproducts industry in the United Kingdom as part of the 'Best Available Techniques” (BAT) regime for regulated industry.

The aim of the BAT process is to bring the UK Slaughterhouses and Animal Byproducts industry up to the best standards, launching improvements in environmental protection.

We intend to use your views on areas such as sector pollution, the use of materials and overall efficiency to help identify the best techniques to minimise pollution and protect the environment. 

The UK BAT review process: 
This survey marks the first stage of the BAT review process. Once your views have been gathered and processed, these will shape the next steps of the decision-making process. 

The UK BAT Team will also be conducting an industry-specific questionnaire and setting up a Technical Working Group formed of industry experts, regulators, and environmental stakeholders. This group seeks to elaborate on the views of both surveys to develop further evidence gathering from UK industry to propose conclusions, aiming to reach a consensus on the best operating techniques, abatement technologies and set pollutant emission limits.

Defra will then conduct a formal public consultation on the drafted BAT conclusions to ensure all views are acquired. 

After this process is complete, the final BAT conclusions will describe the best techniques associated with the UK Slaughterhouses and Animal Byproducts industry. These relate to the associated emission levels that form the basis of environmental permit limits.

If you would like more information on this process, access to a more detailed sector-specific questionnaire, or you or your organisation are interested in joining the Technical Working Group, please contact us by email quoting 'SA' in the subject heading.

What happens next

We aim to publish details of the BAT regime by the end of 2024.

The responses received will be presented to the Slaughterhouses and Animal Byproducts Technical Working Group for consideration. 


  • Slaughterhouses & Animal Byproducts Open Forum

    From 5 Jun 2024 at 15:00 to 5 Jun 2024 at 16:00

    You are invited to join us virtually at the Slaughterhouses & Animal Byproducts Sector Open Forum on 5 June. This meeting is open to all, and will provide an opportunity to meet the UK BAT Team and discover more about the UK BAT process. There will be time at the end for general questions about UK BAT. To join the meeting, please click on the link below or email

    We look forward to meeting you.


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