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Closed 31 Oct 2022

Opened 19 Aug 2020


An important aspect of the Environment Bill is the power to set long-term, legally-binding environmental targets. Setting targets will provide a strong mechanism to deliver long-term environmental outcomes. This will build upon progress towards achieving the long-term vision of the 25 Year Environment Plan and help tackle some of the serious challenges that remain.

The document "Environment Bill: Environmental Targets" was published by government on Wednesday 19th August 2020. It is divided into three parts, and it:

  1. Sets out the process for developing targets under the Environment Bill Framework,
  2. Provides an overview of the scope of targets that government is considering, and
  3. Describes sources of target information and how you get involved.

We recognise that environmental targets are of wide interest to a number of you and want to keep you informed whilst we progress through this ambitious programme of work. We want to find the best ways of keeping you abreast of target development. This may include newsletters to communicate our progress or invitations to contribute your views on particular topics (e.g. via online surveys).

If you are interested, you can here provide your contact details and signal the target areas of interest to you, in order to recieve such updates in future. 

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  • Biodiversity
  • Marine
  • Marine Conservation Zones
  • Waste and recycling
  • Water quality
  • Air quality
  • Water conservation
  • Air pollution
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Conservation
  • Marine Conservation
  • Protecting wildlife