Changes to the measurement (metric) used to report on the condition of SSSIs in England

Closed 18 Jan 2021

Opened 7 Dec 2020


Natural England is seeking views on the proposed change to the measurement used in the reporting of SSSI condition in England. The changes will be a move from a unit or area based assessment to one which measures the condition of a notified feature across the whole of the SSSI.

The consultation document sets out the reasons behind this proposed change and the implications of the change on current baseline information. The move to whole feature assessment and reporting will provide evidence on how our Protected Sites function within landscapes or ecological networks.

The link to the official statistic for SSSI condition can be found below together with the consultation report on the changes to the measurement used to report on the condition of SSSIs in England.

This change will bring us in line with the method used to monitor and report SSSI condition in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which will support people and organisations who are using this information across the UK.




Why we are consulting

This online consultation poses questions to consider regarding the implications of this proposed change to the way groups or individuals use the information. Natural England would also like views about any mitigation that we could put in place to minimise the impacts of the proposed change.

Our target audiences are groups or individuals who use the official statistic for any purpose.  Please read the consultation report prior to answering the questions.


  • Landowners and their representative bodies


  • Biodiversity