Consultation: Western Waters demersal for scallop fishing effort swap in FAO area VII

Closed 17 Aug 2019

Opened 17 Jul 2019


The Marine Management Organisation, on behalf of the UK’s Fisheries Administrations (Marine Scotland, Welsh Government, DAERA Northern Ireland) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), is seeking your views on a proposed trade in effort between the UK scallop industry and the Dutch demersal fleet. 

Why We Are Consulting

The UK scallop industry has negotiated a proposed trade in effort with the Dutch industry. This proposal has been tabled at the Scallop Industry Consultation Group (SICG) and the group has requested that the UK Government consider authorising the swap. In order to ensure all views are taken into consideration, including those outside of the scalloping sector, we are putting this proposal to public consultation.




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