Reducing unused licences (latent capacity) in the English 10 metre and under fishing sector

Closed 31 Mar 2015

Opened 10 Feb 2015


We want to know what you think about current levels of latent capacity in the English 10 metre and under finfish and shellfish sectors. We would also like your views on how to reduce latent capacity to help to solve any problems.

Latent capacity means the number of licences issued to allow fishing for quota species, which are not used. It also describes licences issued and used to catch 300kg quota species or less a year. The term is also used for rights (entitlements) to catch shellfish, which are not currently used.

 This is part of our work to make the English inshore fleet more sustainable. 

Please see consultation letter and document below.

We welcome your views and comments on the proposals. Responses can be made:

•  via email to: or

•  in writing to: Domestic Reform Team, Sustainable Fisheries and Marine Planning Division, Defra, Area 8A, 9 Millbank, c/o 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR.


Why We Are Consulting

We are launching a consultation because it is widely considered that, if it is not addressed now, the issue of latent capacity in the 10 metre and under fishing fleet could become a problem for quota availability and management. We are also proposing to take measures in the under 10 metre shellfish sector, as any increase in effort has the potential to prove damaging in terms of sustainability of these species.


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