Intended Abolition of the Home Grown Timber Advisory Committee

Closed 30 May 2014

Opened 14 Apr 2014

Results updated 11 Sep 2014


The Department received five responses to the consultation. Three responses supported the intended abolition of the HGTAC, and two raised objections to it. Please see uploaded file for further information on these responses.

No other comments were received after the consultation closed and Defra now considers that the consultation process, in relation to this Public Bodies Order, is consistent with Government’s consultation principles


I am writing to invite views on Government proposals for the abolition of the Home Grown Timber Advisory Committee. Further detail on the consultation questions and background on HGTAC is at the end of this document.

Why your views matter

The Government proposes to use the powers in the Public Bodies Act 2011(PBA) to make an Order to repeal parts of sections 32, 37, 38 and Schedule 1 of the 1967 Act that relate to HGTAC, which will legally dissolve it.

The PBA requires that Ministers consult on their proposals before laying a draft of the Order before Parliament for its approval. All responses will be given due consideration and repeal of the relevant sections of the 1967 Act will be subject to the outcome of this consultation.

The consultation period will last from 14 April to 30 May.

This consultation will primarily be carried out via the online survey below; however, if you prefer to email or post your responses to us after reading the documents below, please do so at:

Colin Whelan

Forestry Team

Area 1D, Nobel House

17 Smith Square

London SW1P 3JR


What happens next

We will consider and respond to any reponses after the end of the consultation period, and will publish these reponses later in the summer.


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