Consultation on the Large Combustion Plants (Transitional National Plan) Regulations 2015

Closed 26 Oct 2015

Opened 14 Sep 2015


This consultation focuses on the Large Combustion Plants (Transitional National Plan) Regulations 2015, which will provide the legal basis for the implementation of the UK Transitional National Plan (TNP) from 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2020.

The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) allows certain large combustion plants (LCPs) an additional four and a half years in which to make the necessary investments in emissions abatement technology to achieve compliance with the stringent IED emission limits for three key pollutants (nitrogen dioxides, sulphur dioxide, and dust) through the operation of a TNP.

Implementing the UK TNP will achieve a reduction in emissions of air pollutants, and the associated environmental and human health benefits, in a cost-beneficial manner without imposing an unreasonable burden on industry. The 116 plants included in the plan are important to the UK in terms of both economic productivity and energy security. They represent approximately 50% of the UK's electricity generating capacity, and include LCPs which power major industrial sites.

A full impact assessment of the costs and benefits of implementing the UK TNP has been undertaken. The impact assessment shows that the TNP will have a net benefit to the UK economy of £5,572.2million during the course of the plan.

The regulations establish the duties and powers of the Secretary of State for the Environment, the Environment Agency (EA), the other relevant UK regulatory agencies (the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales, and the Department of the Environment Northern Ireland), and the operators of plants participating in the TNP. The regulations also establish an emissions trading system, which will allow participants to trade any unused 'emissions allowances' with other participating plants in order to reduce the total costs of implementation while delivering the same level of overall environmental benefit.

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Why your views matter

This consultation focuses on the proposed domestic legislation intended to implement and regulate the UK TNP and on the impact assessment which has been carried out to determine the overall impacts of the TNP.

We are seeking suggestions and comments from interested parties regarding the approach taken in, and the contents of, the draft Large Combustion Plants (Transitional National Plan) Regulations 2015. We are particularly interested in views on the appropriateness and workability of the regulations. We are also interested in stakeholders' views on the overall approach we have taken, and the data sources we have used, in the impact assessment.

This consultation will be of most interest to the operators of participating plants, environmental groups, and regulators.

What happens next

We will publish a summary of responses to this consultation within a maximum of 12 weeks following the closing date for the submission of comments.

We plan to make the legislation as soon as practicable.


  • Environmental campaigners
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  • Energy sector
  • Industries and professional services
  • Business/Private Sector


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