Local Air Quality Management Call for Evidence - Designation of Relevant Public Authorities

Closed 25 Jan 2021

Opened 5 Oct 2020

Results updated 1 Jul 2021



This call for evidence seeks views on designation of Relevant Public Authorities under amendments to Part IV of the Environment Act 1995. Through the Environment Bill, we are amending the Environment Act 1995 to improve local collaboration by ensuring responsibility for tackling air pollution is shared amongst relevant parties. We intend to introduce a new power for the Secretary of State to designate Relevant Public Authorities who may then be required to act as ‘Air Quality Partners’ within the Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) Framework. "Air Quality Partners" may be required to co-operate with local authorities to reduce pollution levels where there are exceedances, or expected exceedances, of LAQM pollution limits. This new framework will result in all relevant authorities at local level taking effective, collaborative action to deliver air quality objectives.

Why your views matter

The Bill proposes that there will be public consultations before any Relevant Public Authority is designated, and to consult any proposed Relevant Public Authority, before designating a body under the Bill. This Call for Evidence is not that formal consultation, but will gather evidence to help us decide which bodies we will subsequently consult on designating.


  • Local Authorities


  • Air quality