Introducing civil penalties for infringements of the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulation

Closed 24 Nov 2017

Opened 26 Oct 2017


Defra is consulting on the introduction of civil penalties in England, Scotland and the marine areas. These measures are being considered to address concerns about whether the current penalty system provides sufficient deterrence against non-compliance. 

This is a public consultation and it is open to anyone with an interest to provide comments. It should be of particular interest to those operating in the sectors of refrigeration, air-conditioning, insulation foams, electrical switchgear equipment, aerosol sprays, medical inhalers, solvents and fire extinguishers. It may also be of interest to environmental groups.





  • Environmental campaigners
  • Food Business Operators
  • Food Industry
  • Devolved Administrations
  • Energy sector
  • Industries and professional services
  • Business/Private Sector
  • Transport Organisations
  • SME businesses
  • Energy suppliers
  • Professional and Membership Organisations/Agencies


  • Climate change
  • Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases