Technical consultation on the biodiversity metric

Closed 27 Sep 2022

Opened 2 Aug 2022


Questions in this consultation

There are 8 questions in this consultation. There are 4 additional questions for confidentiality and respondent information which are included at the beginning of the online survey only. The consultation questions are therefore numbered as follows:

  • Question 1 (Question 5 online)
  • Question 2 (Question 6 online)
  • Question 3 (Question 7 online)
  • Question 4 (Question 8 online)
  • Question 5 (Question 9 online)
  • Question 6 (Question 10 online)
  • Question 7 (Question 11 online)
  • Question 8 (Question 12 online)

Useful documents

At the bottom of this page, a PDF version of the consultation document and a written response template (if required) are available to download. Annex A is only included in the PDF document and not within the online survey.

Purpose of this consultation

The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has a statutory obligation under the Environment Act 2021 to consult on a biodiversity metric for measuring biodiversity net gain.

Following this consultation, the statutory metric will be produced and published by the Secretary of State pursuant to the requirements of the Environment Act 2021. This consultation proposes that the statutory metric (version 4.0) will be based on updates to biodiversity metric 3.1 and the small sites metric. Responses from this consultation will be incorporated into the updates made.

We plan to publish the statutory metric (including the small sites metric) in late 2022. This will give up to a year of use before mandatory biodiversity net gain commences from November 2023 for Town and Country Planning Act 1990 development.

Timeframes of this consultation

The consultation opened Tuesday 2nd August and will close at 23:59 on Tuesday 27th September.

Provide your responses through the online survey. If a written response is required, there is a template available to download at the bottom of this page. This can be submitted via email ( or posted to:

Technical consultation on the biodiversity metric 

Consultation Coordinator, Defra 

2nd Floor, Foss House, Kings Pool 

1 to 2 Peasholme Green 


YO1 7PX 



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