Extending the Use of Para-Veterinary Professional Approved Tuberculin Testers (ATTs) to Perform Tuberculin Skin Testing of Cattle in England

Closed 7 Sep 2018

Opened 24 Jul 2018


The use of para-veterinary professionals as Approved Tuberculin Testers (ATTs) to perform tuberculin skin testing of cattle has been permitted in Great Britain since 2005. To date this has been restricted to a small number of suitably trained Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) staff under APHA vet supervision. Most TB testing is done by our Veterinary Delivery Partners (VDPs) i.e. private vets. We welcome views on extending the use of ATTs in England so that VDPs also have the option of deploying them to carry out TB skin tests. ATTs would have to meet a number of qualifying criteria and complete specified training. A new training module for ATTs and their supervising vets is being developed by APHA. ATTs would be employed by the private business but work under APHA as the competent authority.

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