APHA seeks views on the proposed revision of existing fees for statutory services

Closed 14 Dec 2015

Opened 26 Oct 2015


* Update 10 April 2018 - Consultation Report published

Between 26 October 2015 and 14 December 2015 APHA consulted on proposals to introduce new fees for some statutory services as set out below.

We are grateful for the interest shown in the proposals.

A summary of the responses can be found on the Government website at GOV.UK.

The summary includes a list of names and organisations that responded but not personal names, addresses or other contact details. Information provided in response to this consultation, including personal information, may be subject to publication or release to other parties or to disclosure in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and the Data Protection Act 1998. *







This consultation covers proposals to revise existing fees for six statutory services delivered by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) across England, Scotland and Wales.

The proposals in this consultation are regarding only statutory services that were delivered by the former Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA). For correctness, the name of the new Agency (APHA) has been used where applicable.

A list of stakeholders who have been invited to give their views has been published with this consultation.  Other interested parties are also welcome to complete the questionnaire.

For further details of this consultation with regard to Welsh Language, please contact chargingenquiries@apha.gsi.gov.uk

* The public consultation has been extended by one week to 14th December at 23.59, following requests received by stakeholders and recognising the disruption caused by the floods in NW England.*

Why We Are Consulting

The principal purpose of this consultation is to seek your views on proposals for revising existing statutory fees to achieve full cost recovery and to seek further information on the impact of any fee revision on industry, including small businesses (49 employees or less). The statutory services where fees are being reviewed are:

  • Bovine embryos
  • Bovine semen
  • Porcine semen
  • Poultry Health Scheme (PHS)
  • Salmonella National Control Programmes (NCP)
  • Border Inspection Posts (BIPs) 

Please read the Consultation Document listed under "Related Documents" below before completing the questionnaire.  Additional information is also provided via the related information links.

What Happens Next

In line with APHA's policy of openness, at the end of this consultation period copies of the responses we receive will be published in a summary of the responses to this consultation, along with the Government's response.


  • Animal welfare campaigners
  • Trade Unions
  • Food Business Operators
  • Food Industry
  • Vets
  • Fisheries Producer Organisations
  • Farmers


  • Animals
  • Poultry industry
  • Cattle
  • Pigs
  • Poultry
  • Meat Industry