A call for evidence on controlling live exports for slaughter and to improve animal welfare during transport after the UK leaves the EU

Closed 22 May 2018

Opened 10 Apr 2018


This call for evidence seeks views and information on all aspects of animal welfare in transport.  Once the UK has left the EU, we would like the welfare in transport regulatory regime to reflect scientific and veterinary knowledge. This evidence will help us determine how we’ll meet the commitment to take early steps to control the export of live farm animal for slaughter.


  • Charities/Voluntary Organisations
  • Animal welfare campaigners
  • Food Business Operators
  • Food Industry
  • Vets
  • Operators of animal gatherings
  • Abattoir Operator
  • Livestock show ground operators
  • Manufacturers of livestock identifiers
  • Ports and Harbour Authorities and Estuaries
  • Households
  • Pet Owners
  • Pet Carriers
  • Transport Organisations
  • Veterinarians
  • Local Authorities
  • Horse riders
  • Farmers
  • Leisure industry
  • Tenant Farmers


  • Animals
  • Food standards
  • Poultry industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Food imports
  • Food and drink exports
  • Cattle
  • Pigs
  • Poultry
  • Sheep and goats
  • Animal diseases
  • Animal welfare
  • Livestock identification and movement
  • Farm management
  • Livestock disease control
  • Sheep, goat and deer production/marketing
  • Meat Industry
  • Rural economy and communities
  • Pets
  • Travelling with pets
  • Horses
  • Circus animals
  • Zoos
  • Pet Travel