Consultation on exotic diseases of pigs - new regulations

Closed 27 May 2014

Opened 28 Apr 2014


Defra, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government are inviting views from stakeholders on proposals to introduce new regulations for the control of an outbreak of African swine fever, classical swine fever or swine vesicular disease in GB.

The proposed legislation consolidates and simplifies the legislation for these three diseases by replacing eleven existing statutory instruments.  The new regulations are clear and transparent about the measures to be taken, and also address some gaps in the transposition of the existing EU law.

 This legislation does not change GB policy for the control of these diseases.

Why your views matter

We are inviting views on the proposed regulations from stakeholders through this public consultation.  The consultation should be of interest to the commercial pig sector, pig small holders, pig vets and related industries such as those producing or retailing pork and pig products.  The proposed Regulations will apply to England, Scotland and Wales.


  • Vets
  • Operators of animal gatherings
  • Abattoir Operator
  • Livestock show ground operators
  • Government Departments
  • Government Agencies
  • Devolved Administrations
  • Local Authorities
  • Farmers
  • Tenant Farmers
  • Agricultural Landlords
  • Agricultural Valuers
  • Trading Standards Officers


  • Animals
  • Pigs
  • Animal diseases
  • Farm management
  • Livestock disease control
  • Meat Industry
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