Improving air quality: reducing emissions from Medium Combustion Plants and Generators

Closed 8 Feb 2017

Opened 16 Nov 2016


This consultation seeks views on draft plans to implement the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) and emission controls on generators in order to improve air quality. Medium Combustion Plants and generators are a significant source of air pollution and many are not currently regulated in the UK.  The Government’s primary driver for action on air quality is the impact it can have on health and the environment.  A cleaner, healthier environment benefits people and the economy.

The MCPD is a new Directive which introduces cost effective emission controls on new plants from December 2018 and existing plants in 2025 and 2030, depending on size.  The Directive must be transposed into UK law by December 2017 and we are consulting on our proposed approach, particularly in areas where we have a choice in how to implement. 

Distortions in the energy market are giving rise to an increase in generators which emit high levels of air pollutants and quick action is needed to control emissions from these plants.  MCPD requirements are not sufficient to prevent this increase and we are seeking your views on additional proposals to limit the emissions from these generators. 

This consultation applies to England and Wales only. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar will lay their own legislation.  

This consultation includes the consultation document, the draft Impact Assessment (IA) and an Environment Agency (EA) modelling study which is referred to in the consultation document.  

Before responding to the questions set out in this consultation, we recommend that you read the consultation document setting out our proposals. 

Note 21st December 2016; some corrections have been made to the consultation document and we have included points of clarification. A table outlining the amendments has been included in the updated consultation document which can be found below. If you would like to discuss these changes please contact us. Thank you for your engagement. 


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